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 Lose the meat, keep the flavor!

Vegan Super Pho

Vegan Super Pho, ready in minutes is the perfect combination of Vietnamese soul food and green eating. Our Pho is a complete meal in one package that contains fresh ingredients like noodles, vegetables, mushrooms, bead curd, and broth. The vegetables included in our delicious vegan Pho are broccoli, cabbage, carrot, daikon radish, and mushrooms. We source our vegetables from trusted local businesses who select the freshest choices for our Pho. Ready in as little as 5 minutes, our Vegan Super Pho is a convenient way to eat healthy at any time.

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What is Pho?

The traditional soup of Vietnam is called Pho (pronounced phuh), made with beef broth. Buddhists of Vietnam over the course of hundreds of years crafted a healthier vegan version of the soup called Pho Chay. It combines well balanced flavors with healthy vegetables resulting in a meal that is not only better for the body, but also just as pack with flavor as it’s meat based version.  We believe this warm and filling soup with a large portion of well balanced vegetables and rich vegan broth will make you come back for more.

Need a Quick Healthy Meal?

Our frozen pho comes prepackaged with everything needed to enjoy the mouthwatering taste of authentic Vietnamese pho at home. We only use the freshest ingredients, noodles, bean curd, and broth to craft a gluten-free delight everyone in the family can enjoy. Every package is met with high-quality control standards to avoid potential cross-contamination. This way, you get a rich blend of seasoning without harming your vegan dietary needs. We even use a lighter salt carefully selected for its lower sodium and higher potassium content. We are dedicated to capturing those flavor profiles known worldwide as premium, delicious Vietnamese Pho, all in a convenient frozen bowl. The next time you’re in a rush or want to relive the homestyle cooking past down from generation to generation, open a bowl of Berynn’s high-fiber, high protein Vegan Super Pho!

More About
Vegan Super Pho...

If you have never had the pure joy of tipping back a bowl of vegan pho to get every last morsel, Berynn is the perfect place to start. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese comfort food that blends a soothing warm meal with a nutritious jump-start to your immune system. The soul of Vietnamese cooking is based on balance, creating food rich in flavor and beneficial to the body. With Vegan Super Pho, you get a premium mix of locally sourced, fresh vegetables cooked in broth and reinforced with our tasty blend of bean curd, noodles, and spices. We love our vegan customers and specifically look for ingredients low in fat and cholesterol and still packed with plant protein. What makes our Berynn Vegan Super Pho different is our ability to bring the vibrant culture of Vietnam into homes everywhere through our quality-controlled packaging process. Bring home the authentic taste of a heart-healthy meal with Berynn frozen Vegan Super Pho!


Healthy Pho for You!

Our Vegan Super Pho is designed to be a complete meal, with no additional ingredients required.  Inside every bowl, you will find a blend of locally sourced vegetables, mushrooms, delicious broth, bean curd, and noodles that only take minutes to cook. All you need is 1¹/₂ cups of boiling water, 5 minutes in the microwave and Voila! You just made a bowl of Pho!!

Why Wait??
Give yourself a treat of tasty food without compromising.

Vegan Super Pho


Gluten Free 


100% Vegan


Authentic Vietnamese

Healthy Food Pho You!


Our frozen vegan pho meals are designed to be a complete serving in a bag without any extra ingredients. Inside every package, you’ll find a blend of locally sourced vegetables, broth, bean curd, and noodles that only take 5 minutes to cook. This heart-healthy meal is an excellent addition to your nutritional routine, designed explicitly with:

  • Gluten-free ingredients made with careful attention to any potential cross-contamination.

  • High-value protein content sourced from plant products.

  • A traditional blend of homestyle Vietnamese spices.

  • Low in fats (saturated fat) and cholesterol.

  • Completely MSG-free.

  • A convenient quick meal with the authentic taste of traditional pho.

  • No preservatives

Even though our ingredients are frozen when you pick them up, you’ll be surprised at how fresh each spoonful is when you enjoy this delicious meal. For all the foodies in the crowd, our homestyle Vietnamese vegan pho includes a mix of vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, daikon radishes, and mushrooms.


Easy Cooking Vegan Super Pho,
Pho Sure!

Need a last-minute meal when you’re in a rush or incredibly tired after a long day of work? Our Berynn frozen vegan pho is the best way to get a complete nutritious meal with only a few quick steps. Prepare in the Microwave:

Microwave cooking instruction

How to cook Vegan Super Pho :

● Boil 1 ½ cups of water.

● Peel off the plastic seal completely.

● Cut the broth pouch and empty it into the bowl.

● Add 1 ½ cups of boiling water to the bowl.

● Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir all the ingredients, then place the bowl back in the microwave for       an additional 3 minutes.

● Carefully remove the hot bowl and wait for 1-2 minutes for the content to cool down. Enjoy!

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