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About Us 

For years our team at Berynn has leveraged our love of Vietnamese cooking by bringing the unique experience of healthy ingredients and comforting food to families all over the world. With our latest line of frozen Vegan Pho products, we create even more variety for those with specific dietary needs who want the convenience, quality, and affordability of other shoppers.


We are a small minority and woman owned business that sources our ingredients from local suppliers. That means every spoonful of our delicious meals carries the collected hard work of families, farmers, and distributors who enjoy taking a break with a bowl of pho just as much as you and yours.


At Berynn, we want to bring that sense of homestyle and traditional Vietnamese cooking into your home, apartment, or any other living space. That comforting feeling of sitting around the table sharing stories about your day with your family while letting the soft aromas of vegan pho transport your mind into a state of pure bliss is why we work so hard to craft our products.


When you purchase our frozen vegan pho, you get proper convenience in a high protein, gluten free, MSG-free and no preservatives that will leave you truly satisfied.


Want to Amp Up Your Meal?
Personalize Our Pho!

All our team at Berynn love to hear about the various personalized toppings like fresh bean sprouts, spinach, vegan wonton or even sriracha hot sauce for a kick people put on our frozen vegan pho. Part of the convenience of using our frozen packages for your meals is that you can personalize them to whoever happens to be eating.


This means you get a ton of versatility in the kitchen while also boosting your overall health from the high plant protein, high fiber, low fat, and low cholesterol alternative the world has come to cherish.


Now is the time to amp up your kitchen game. Bring home the carefully packaged delight of Berynn frozen vegan pho and start a family tradition of your own with this Vietnamese comfort food. Purchase our pho today!

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